Get Involved With The Residence Hall Association!

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Local Students Showcase Their Talent At “Bands On Broad Street”

Bands on Broad Street is a new event that happens every Monday night from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. at… READ MORE

True Life: I Spend Too Much Money On Food

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Aerial View with People and Text Action

Group Projects: Good or Bad?

Group projects. Love them or hate them, you’ll still have to do them. The majority of students I have talked…

Asian woman show gift card and present in shopping mall

Gift Card Or Present: Which Do You Prefer?

The holidays are coming up fast, and after Thanksgiving, shoppers will be flocking to stores attempting to get the best deals…


The “BEAR Essentials” For Success!

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Have You Answered Your InfoBear Questions?

You may have noticed that the first time you log into InfoBear to look at classes, to register, or to…

Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.

“Pause” For TEDxBSU

The TEDx Program is coming to Bridgewater! Bridgewater State University seeks to empower those to share their stories. Diverse backgrounds…

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BSU Financial Literacy Day

There are quite a few stereotypes about college students. One of these is that college students have poor money management skills. For…